January 19
  • Locomotive 2816 has Cameo in NFB’s End-of-the-Line

Locomotive 2816 has Cameo in NFB’s End-of-the-Line

The star of “Rocky Mountain Express” makes an appearance in the last minutes of “End-of-th-Line” a 1959 National Film Board of Canada documentary that explores the last days of steam.

See the film online on the NFB’s website: http://www.nfb.ca/film/end_of_line/

Choose “High Quality” if you can for best viewing provided internet speed is working for you.

Directed by Terence McCartney Filgate and produced by Roman Kroitor (one of the founders of IMAX Corporation) and Wolf Koenig, “this documentary short offers a nostalgic look at the steam locomotive as it passes from reality to history.” The film includes interviews with many veterans of the steam era, including author and historian, Omer LaVallee. Locomotive

End of the Line available on NFB Website

"End of the Line" can be seen on the NFB Website

2816 makes an appearance in the last minutes of the film, blasting along at high speed in a tracking shot. This was just before the engine was taken out of service in 1960.




  • Don Shults
    April 28, 2012

    where wil this be playing in California

  • TSLC
    April 28, 2012

    @Don Shults : “End of the Line” of course is a documentary produced by the National Film Board of Canada and available to view at the link on their website (provided in the post above). “Rocky Mountain Express” the IMAX Experience, is now playing in a pile of markets across North America and soon to open in additional markets. At this posting there are no openings in California however their is huge demand so I am sure eventually some California IMAX theaters will exhibit. Check our “where-to-see-it” page here: http://www.rockymountainexpressfilm.com/updates/where-to-see-it/ and sign up for the e-newsletter to receive notification about new openings.

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